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A female acupuncturist treats it

Female acupuncturist

Because I am doing it by the director alone,
There is no substitution for other staff
It can be received with peace.
You can consult without worrying about women 's unique problems.

Therapeutic effect of sterility and pelvic correction by infertility and delivery

With rod moxa and pelvic correction
Therapeutic effect of infertility and delivery

Prepare pelvic distortion,
Warm the lower abdomen and waist with stick moxa
I improve the position of the uterus and blood flow in the uterus.
Infertility and delivery can be expected.

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A female acupuncturist treats it

Pregnant women and postpartum mothers
I have lots of.

Empyema, low back pain during pregnancy, swelling etc.
We respond to various pregnancy troubles.
In addition, postpartum pelvic distortion and stiff neck
Pain along the back of breastfeeding etc. According to your worries
I'll treat you.

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<appointment only> PM12: 00 ~ 18: 00 (irregular holiday) ※ We will contact you from the number of 080-3013-2650 when you contact us.

Store name
Wakaba clinic
Yuho Hozumi
Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-4-6 Myrtle Court Mita 701
Business hours
12: 00 ~ 18: 00 (complete reservation system)
Regular holidays
Irregular holiday (1 / 1 ~ 3 is closed)
Directions and Parking

From Toei Asakusa line Mita station A3 exit a walk 5 minutes
From Toei Mita Line Mita Station A3 Exit a walk 5 minutes
Foot 7 minutes from JR Tamachi station

※ If you can make a reservation, you can visit by business trip treatment. (It is limited to within Minato-ku, Tokyo, transportation expenses will be paid by the customer.)